How to Style Red, White, and Blue

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

The Forth of July is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare than with some patriotic inspired fashion? If you're someone who doesn't care for the graphic holiday attire, these looks are perfect to incorporate patriotism into your outfit while still remaining trendy. 

Untitled #504
Look 1: Barbecue 

This first look features one of my favorite trends I'm seeing this season- denim skirts! They create this "mom-chic" kind of vibe which I really love. Paired with a white top and some chucks, it becomes the perfect casual look for the holiday.

Untitled #505
Look 2: Fireworks
Untitled #505 by lolracheln featuring high waisted ripped jeans

This look is great if you're planning on watching fireworks during the holiday. While still remaining festive, the simple elements such as the slip-ons and ripped jeans are comfy and simple for sitting casually while watching fireworks. 
Untitled #506
Look 3: Picnic

Untitled #506 by lolracheln featuring keds shoes

This look is made for a picnic or any outdoor outing. The comfy shoes and backpack help tone down the preppy denim top and red shorts, making it a balanced outfit. 
Untitled #507
Look 4: Dinner

Untitled #507 by lolracheln featuring jumpsuits & rompers

If you need a dressier ensemble, this look is for you. If you plan on going out to dinner rather than a barbecue, pairing a festively colored bralette underneath a beautiful romper helps make this look suitable for the holiday. Top it off with a colored clutch, and you're good to go.

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