Back to School Essentials

Posted on Aug 6, 2015

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One of the highlights of going back to school is the shopping. New clothes, makeup, and supplies to kick off your year. When you're going shopping, I would recommend getting these items to extend your wardrobe to its fullest, keeping you stylish all year long. 

1. Denim Jacket + Cardigan: I don't know if it's just me, but the school's temperature can go from one extreme to the next. One hour, it's freezing and the next, its horribly hot. Having a denim jacket or cardigan is the perfect solution for this. They are much more fashionable than a sweatshirt and can easily be layered or taken off to fit the current climate. 

2. Quality Jeans: Make sure to invest in a quality pair of jeans, as this is what you'll be living in for the next nine months of the school year. My American Eagle jeans last for about 3 years, so definitely check those out. 

3. Bralettes: It is no secret that bras are uncomfortable. That being said, wearing one for 8+ hours can be awful. That is why bralettes are the perfect alternative. They are great for lazy or everyday wear and remain extremely comfortable.

4. Sneakers + Sandals: Comfy shoes for school is a MUST. Make sure you have a comfortable and versatile pair of sneakers to wear throughout the year and some sandals if the weather is still warm out. 

5. Basic Tees: One of my favorite ways to extend the use of my closet is by using basic t shirts. You can layer and style them in so many ways that makes it look like you have an endless supply of clothes. 

6. Quality Phone Case: You do not want to crack your phone screen like I did last year! Make sure you invest in a protective phone case to prevent the damage that can come from dropping your phone- especially on a hard tile floor most school hallways have. 

7. Hair Ties: Hair ties are like the holy grail of bad hair days or mishaps. I recommend always keeping one on your wrist so throwing your hair up when needed is always accessible. 

8. Simple Necklace: I hope I'm not the only one with this, but I usually don't have time to think about accessorising my outfit in the morning. Having one simple necklace or jewelry piece in general makes it super easy to throw on and match any outfit. 

9: Quality Backpack: If you know you are going to have a heavy book load, be sure to buy a high quality backpack. If you're keeping lots of textbooks and a laptop, you need to have a heavy duty bag to store them in. Buying a quality one now will save you the hassle of buying another backpack when the cheaply made one breaks. 

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