The Future. | Update

Posted on Aug 22, 2015

Hey guys! I've normally been posting every other day on here, but this week was just insanely busy for me; there was no way I could've kept up with that "schedule" type thing I had going on. But I'll be working on some content this weekend now that I get a little break from all the craziness going on. I wanted to make this blog post as kind of an update, especially since I've been getting a lot of new followers lately for some reason. Hello if you're new to my blog! 

School is starting next Wednesday for me, which means less time to focus on blogging and my channel. This summer, I seriously got into loving blogging and making videos in a way that I never had before. I felt like my posts were connecting with you all and actually getting feedback for once which had never really happened up until this point. (Which may be due to the sudden boost in traffic pretty much all over my social media.) This school year, I am going to be taking this blog and youtube channel very seriously. This is something I know want to do and would love to have as a full time job in the future. I will be pushing myself each weekend to create content on all my platforms consistently. I don't have a set schedule for this blog yet, but will be posting a minimum of twice a week- every other day if I can. And for my youtube channel, I have a once a week upload schedule; I upload every Thursday which seems to be a good pace for me! 

I hope to see some growth over the next few months on here and my channel. I have such a passion for this and see big things for the future. Love you all!

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