The Perfect Life

Posted on Sep 20, 2015

Yesterday, I had such an incredible day that encompassed basically everything that I want my life to be when I'm older. It was full of amazing food, amazing friends, and amazing experiences.

 I've never been this level of extroverted in my life ever, but for some reason, this year it's gone insane. First, I was going to start my day with running a 5K race but that didn't end up happening, as the water at my house stopped working and my dad had to stay to try to fix it. However, this was kind of a blessing in disguise. I would've been so exhausted the rest of the day if had ran that race.  So, I went back to sleep and awoke to more adventures. I went into the city with my two good friends, and we did lots of shopping and ate at this phenomenal little sushi place. I got a California roll and shrimp tempura roll which were both insanely delicious.   

We visited little shops here and there, just enjoying ourselves the entire time. 

I decided on going to my homecoming dance literally so last minute. My best friend and I rushed into Marshall's, trying on every suitable dress in sight. 

I ended up buying the black dress, my friend buying the burgundy one. After all of this, we rushed back to my house from an intense car dance session. We got on our dresses and headed to the dance, which we pretty much snuck into without paying or signing in- oops. 

It was honestly so much fun. My feet now hurt today from dancing so much! I was in love with this entire day and cannot wait to have so many more like it to come. 

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