Getting Back to Fit! x OMG Waist Trainer

Posted on Oct 28, 2015

Hi everyone! Now that volleyball is finally over, I can start to focus on my personal fitness more. I have definitely lost some progress made from over the summer, but I'm so ready to get back into working out and eating healthily. Down below I'm going to be listing the things I've been doing lately to ease back into my healthy habits, and they are things that all of you can utilize into your daily lifestyle as well.

1. Meal Prepping: I'm trying to get into the habit of prepping my meals for a few days of the week. I usually just make a huge helping of something like grilled chicken or pasta salad and use portioned out servings of it throughout the week. It makes eating healthy super convenient and gives you one less thing to worry about. 

2. Circuit Training: I am currently doing the Kayla Itsines BBG round 2! It's all circuit training, which is super effective but great for time management. It's basically taking 2 sets of 4 moves and going through them as many times as you can within 7 minutes. You just go through the 2 different circuits 2 times to get the total of a 28 minute workout. 

3. Waist Training: I have always been so curious about waist training and have had so many questions about them, as I'm sure many of you have. Well, I have done my research and have come with the facts about waist training. First of all, a waist trainer is a garment, similar to a corset, that trains your waist to become smaller than it actually is. Used by many celebrities, waist training is designed to take inches off your waist and help form that desired hourglass figure. Wearing waist trainers while working out will make you sweat more, making your workout even more effective. As long as you buy your proper fitting size and do not rush the waist training process, waist training is not dangerous. The waist trainer should feel tight, but not to the point where it's painful. I personally love the brand OMG Waist Trainer, made by the same people as Skinny Teatox (which I absolutely adore). Their waist trainers are made from high quality cotton and spandex, so you know it'll last and retain its shape through wear. OMG Waist Trainers also train your body to maintain your results even after removing the waist trainer! 

4. Drinking LOTS of green tea and water: I find that drinking roughly 60 oz of water daily seriously helps me in so many ways. It detoxifies the body, clears up my skin like no other, and I honestly just feel better in general. 

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