Spontaneous Day In the City

Posted on Oct 11, 2015

Last weekend, I went on a spontaneous trip to Pittsburgh with my mom that was seriously so wonderful! After getting settled in our hotel room, we just kind of hung out and then went shopping. I got some nice pieces for fall which I'll be featuring soon!

The next day, we went to Phipps Conservatory which is basically just one massive greenhouse. As most of you know, I LOVE plants, so this was like perfection to me. I filmed my OOTD video while we were there too.

Then we made an embarrassingly failed attempt to get city bikes. But oh well. We walked instead and found ourselves at PITT's Fall Festival where Walk the Moon was playing. They were taking forever to start so we eventually left in search of food. Despite that, I really loved the atmosphere of the campus. It was so fun and in constant movement, yet relaxed at the same time. 

Moving on to the best part: the food. A student recommended us a nearby restaurant that had a lot of fresh and healthy options. I ordered a veggie burger which was pretty good. But the pizza though, oh god. My mom ordered a pizza our waiter highly suggested, featuring a fig jam and goat cheese. I cannot express how incredibly delicious this pizza was. It was honestly the pizza I've ever had. I am definitely going back sometime in the future to get it again. It was too good for words. 

After that delicious dinner, we walked back towards the car, passing this beautiful, Pont des Arts-esque bridge. I took some very model-y outfit photos which were in the other blog post this week if you haven't seen them. It was such a gorgeous shooting location. 

That was pretty much it for what I did during the weekend! Adventurous and spontaneous weekends like this are my absolute favorite, and I cannot wait to share more that come. 

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