Some Nights

Posted on May 29, 2016

I think people become hooked on Pinterest because it gives a visual representation of their dreams and aspirations, even if they are no where near them. A good friend of mine said, "Even single people have Pinterest boards of their dream wedding, right?" We are all guilty of this. Like, while I am no where near close to living in my own apartment, I have the board "Apartment Inspo." Sometimes my 15 year old self fails to realize exactly how much time I have left in my childhood room. However, that only adds to my ideas for decorating it. I am very pleased with how everything has turned out, and cozy, late nights like this make for quite the relaxing space. [ not too shabby for the next 3 years ;) ]

Lights - Target, Clothing Rack - Ikea, Bedding - Amazon
Record Player - Urban Outfitters

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