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Posted on Sep 23, 2013

        Hi everyone! Most of you probably know me from Tumblr or Polyvore, so I won't go on about introducing myself. Anyways, this blog is going to be all of my outfits I put together. Fashion is what I think about constantly, and this I think will be a good way to get everything out of my system. I am basically going to be posting how Danielle Bernstein, of WeWoreWhat, does. I will be going to different locations and taking several different photos of my outfits. I will still be posting OOTDs on my Tumblr, but it will just be one photo instead of several. I also won't have a set date for posting either, that is, as of now. So just be checking my Tumblr to see if I'm planning on posting. I don't know when I will officially start posting on this blog, but I will announce it on my Tumblr a few days in advance for all of you lovelies. I will be including other fashion related things, too, like how to style certain trendy pieces for the season or just my wishlists. I hope you all enjoy my blog! 

                                          I love you all so much! xx
-Rachel Alexandra

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